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Sovereign Candle Collective


We have specialists with years of experience in all forms of live entertainment. From classic theatre to immersive opera to livestream rock concerts, we have you covered. Much of our portfolio includes interdisciplinary and cross-genre productions.


Based in NYC, we have relationships with a wide variety of venues and industry vendors. We also take on projects that take place across the nation, and around the world.


Having served in almost every position, from electrician to designer, we understand the nuts and bolts, as well as the overall planning and coordination that it takes to bring your project to fruition.

New Technology

We work with manufacturers to test and develop new lighting and entertainment technology. We're always finding and supplying new and exciting tools for our clients.

SCC is a full service production design firm operating out of New York City. SCC's talented designers and artists are equipped to take your event from concept all the way to opening night. Our flexible team can fit the needs of live events at all scales, from single room broadcast interviews to large scale arena concerts. We have a passion for aesthetic excellence and audience engagement. The Sovereign Candle Collective was formed to bring together a wide range of creative artists who believe in a new generation of production potential. Let's build groundbreaking shows together!

Stadium Concrete Seats

SCC Partners

Luther Frank
Brandon Gauthier
BG Heasdshot
Kent Sprague
Wes Richter

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