Sovereign Candle Collective is a curated network of passionate creators, designers, and artists with a shared focus on innovating live experiences. We conceptualize, design, and execute stunning events.  Our flexible teams can adjust to production needs at any scale, from single room broadcast interviews to large scale arena concerts. No matter the size, we strive for aesthetic excellence and memorable audience engagement.


Our diverse portfolio includes:

  • Livestream Events

  • Theater/Opera/Dance

  • Experiential Art

  • Corporate and Social Events

  • Themed Entertainment

  • Trade Shows

  • Concerts


We provide:

  • Concept Development

  • Storyboarding and Visualization

  • Project Management

  • Design

  • Drafting & Renderings (2D/3D CAD)

  • Live Programming and Engineering (Lighting, Video, Sound, and more)

Stadium Concrete Seats

SCC Team

Luther Frank
Brandon Gauthier
BG Heasdshot
Kent Sprague
Wes Richter
Dara Swisher

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